Things you ought to learn about hens.

  1. Hens sing when they are happy and enjoy listening to the melody.
  2. Hens are careful and preen their feathers regularly.
  3. Hens are inquisitive.
  4. Hens need grit in their diet.
  5. Hens make friends…
  6. Hens respond to kindness and attention.
  7. Hens suffer badly from anxiety and scare.

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I am not yet born(poetry)

I am not yet born, O listen to me

scared of squeal shade arriving to arrive

From the fear that the human race may tempt me to do any guilt.

Provide me with a lawn to flourish in me

And forgive me for the sins I commit in the world

O restore me with the vitality of those who would slaughter my kindness.

And give me the strength of those who would spill the happiness off from me

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What if you meet yourself at the age of 18 years?? And what 3 things would you tell yourself????

Three things I would definitely tell myself will be 👇👇👇

1- Give valuable time for reading and take the benefit from friends and colleagues. (because they were very creative and good at studies)

2- celebrate the present.

3- expand the level of reflection.

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Happy to share it…100+ followers.

Hello everyone, I just got the notification on striking 100 followers, today I feel blessed to have such beautiful writers, poets, artists, food bloggers, novelists, journalists, and many more to be by my side.

I’d like to thank everyone who has joined me along the way from all over the world. Without you, there would be no “my written world.” Thanks to everyone who has popped by my blog and liked or commented on a post.

Your great support is the important key to keep me up making time for inscribing my beliefs and emotions.

It’s a result of enduring – attention, matching, surveying, retrospective and coordinating with the writings.

I fully enjoy exploring your blogs, glancing at your engaging posts, and looking at your fantastic photographs. I appreciate the interaction and have found the WP town to be peaceful and caring.

Indeed, WordPress encourages its bloggers to actively immerse with and accrue new subscribers, notifying us of likes, follows, and comments, etc.

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What do you miss at the moment???

Right now I miss my momma’s place.

It’s been a long gap at my mammy’s home, I wish I could visit there very soon. I’m really missing her tasty food and her arms around me.

I want all of them, who are not logical but they talk to my heart directly.

I’ve glued due to the COVID crisis, shall hope this could finish off very soon.

What do you wish right at the moment? comment below.


Well, I don’t mind.

Ah, these baseless rituals… Accuses me to be a part of unfair sermon.

Sometimes Drowsy, the other time baffled it sounds, But I never urge to violate that.

I’m okay with that well, I don’t mind, all must Consign to thee, and comes to dust.

This be never condoned nor rectify, Mistakes are not always survive.

Hire me not to the relationship of cruel minds, I want to wander as free as the gusts that shape dunes.

In a loose world though, something can be started, with all the negativity cruised into the valleys.

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My suggestion to repel from failure

Everyone sometimes suffers from failure but it’s very fine to face it rather than to not accepting it. In our life failure is a huge factor to become a successful person.

Everybody has their way of coping with their difficult times, I respect that, some may need to stay in bed all day the others will omit their anger on the punching bag but it’s totally fine. Below are the things that I did during my heavy time, it helped me out and I’m sure it might help you furthermore.

Cry, shout, scream and cry…..

Crying is not bad stuff. I feel hate when society says, “oh don’t cry!” but I think letting out all the emotional distress makes things accept easy thereon, Crying is one of the most healthy and natural habits to release emotions and if you feel like you need to cry, then you actually should but not in a public spots.

But seriously, cry.

Just cry. Let all the negative stuff come out. And then take a sip of water accordingly.

Start doing exercise:

Physical activity is important in multiple ways besides making you feel good. It reduces the risk of several diseases associated with aging including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. Start exercise and the best is punching bags, use it to release all your anger stuff. Furthermore, being physically active gives positive vibes and a fresh feel.

Engage in mind activities:

When we feel heavy or feel annoying then one must try to enhance the ability to think abstractly, see relationships, connect the dots and develop problem-solving strategies. One might relate this to wisdom in later life. Or else just play games on your smartphone

Talk to someone about it:

Another apparent idea here is talk to your beloved ones.

Sometimes, we just need a kind ear to talk about it with. It can be your friend or family member or anybody else.

Hope you learn it beneficial during your hard time and tell me how you find a way from heavy times.

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I am waiting…

Yep, I’m Waiting For You,
With No Patience, Singing hymns unbidden, Till the world bestows my love.
My Heart Is In Your Desire…
A Lot of desire. It’s Not My Fault, Neither Your Slip…
Love Amounts to Both of Us…
It Not Like My Heart isn’t Trustworthy…
But It’s Like Time Hasn’t Been On Our Side… You Will Be Mine In Some Further Story, Sitting with glow in the lustrous shanty.

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #71: Waiting

This week Rosemary asks us what we’re waiting for.

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