Story of Phantom…(part-1)

We decide to move to another house. All it was because of a ghost, who had been making life intolerable for everyone.

Here in India, ghost usually live in peepal trees. Occasionally he would knock on the doors of the residents.

It was nobody’s guilt except, of course, that father had given them permission to cut the trees, which has existed on our land. They wanted to widen the road, thus ghost had to go anyway. But hardly day had passed the ghost decided to take up residence in the bungalow. And hence a good spirit must be bad to justify his presence and started mischief in the house.

Things got worse in the house. There were a series of accidents like vases fell off from the tables, frames fell from the walls, cats were moaning. Extreme was that bats were found in the bedroom.

We’ll have to leave this house, declared mother. ‘If we stay here much longer, will be lifeless.’

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Wonder women

When I look at her every day, Fresh as a rose In all the way.

Little she speak sometimes aloud, She is full of fire, excitement and magical mould.

She is like a flourished tree, All her thoughts may like the linnet be.

She never shuffles love with pity nor hate, Not just Beauty she is the fairest soul mate.

charm she gained was chocked with hate, Prosperity but little had dried up of late.

Mulling that, all hatred drove to fill, She recovers and learns to stand happy still.

Life-giver some time godsend creator she, pamper her and hold safe, please.

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My name is tuba, what’s yours?

Tuba ( also transliterated as Toba, tooba). Is a female given name of Arabic origin, common in Turkey. Muslims believe that it a tree that grows in heaven ( tūbā tree). Other meanings are pure, beauty, creator.

My name is tuba or tooba , not touba or toubha I hate both the names. My dad named me tuba.

There comes a moment where we ask ourselves, who am I? what am I? yet I’ve always been quite confident in my answer. So really, I like to ask myself “What am I?”. Am I cruel? Am I selfish? Am I tired? Am I hungry?

I’m the daughter of hardworking women. I am a kind, fascinating and hardworking mother. And want to do something through my writing. I want to touch the soul of my readers.

I have just now started writing, my love, my family and my self-confidence pulled my hidden talent. I believe strongly in myself and what I write. I script the essence of my own story in blogs. My thoughts And ideas are practical, useful and relevant to meet the challenges of change and forge ahead.

I also make lots of mistakes, that’s I couldn’t even count but we learn by our mistakes. These mistakes have somehow bought me here.

If you are struggling for your identity, start small. Grow through what you go through.. Keep in mind to arrive there is your ultimate goal. Never, ever feel low.

“Live every moment, in whatever we are doing” Anonymous…

Apply a full stop to unproductive thoughts, feeling and actions of yesterday. Begin with a new one and believe in yourself.

Finally, I’m done with this, it took a whole day to complete but I’m done. Woohoo…Hope you enjoyed it.

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The six word story#2.

“Dayglow with the beautiful smiling face”

It’s a million dollars smile of my daughter. She is a much exciting, attention petitioner and hardworking kid (she glues to something until it’s torn or spoiled)

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First stage performance.

But I was still shy and half paralysed in presence of a horde, and my first seminar at college made me the laughing stock of the whole auditorium.

I knew my name, knew how to write, knew how to speak; but standing at the blackboard with the eyes of the many girls and boys looking at my back made me freeze inside and I was unable to spell a single word. I was supposed to say about the life cycle of Wuchereria Bancroft.

‘Come on,’ the lecturer called to me.

I lifted the white chalk to the blackboard and, as I was about to start, my mind went blank, empty; I could not remember my topic name, not even the first letter. Somebody chuckle and I stiffened.

An external impulse flashes through me, but my hand would refuse to move. Everyone began to titter. I flushed off.

The whole classroom burst into a loud and prolonged laugh and I was so chagrined about my self.

‘You may go to your seat,’ the lecturer said.

I sat and cursed myself. I asked myself why I appear so dumb? I could talk I could write but couldn’t do so. I sat, hearing the boys and girls whisper about me. It was very disappointing to me.

speaking in public may seem like a distant goal. But it’s closer than you think. remind yourself that the topic you’re passionate about is most likely of interest to listeners. And be confident.

But, now I am a very good speaker, I can talk in front of my whole college. The only reason was I feel like I am in a pressure cooker when I speak in a group and the negative territory wouldn’t leave me.

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Trip to my mum’s place!!!!

Tuesday,6th April 2021,

Who isn’t waiting for this COVID scenario to end? Thankfully though, life is slowly getting back to normal with safety measures. After a year, guess what??? I m finally going to my mum’s place….. woohoo…

After a long time, I can able to see the happy faces behind the mask, I was glad to return to the safety and security of my world. To leave such a world was great sorrow, to leave all my family and my old haunts behind but it’s a natural phenomenon to women’s, leaving their home and shifting to husband home. depart from, I was quite happy. Finally, I’m on my way to my village. On a hot Tuesday sunrise, we started our journey with my dad to the place where I might be spending my next 2 weeks, my motherland.

With the travel restrictions lifted, my dad and I finally braved to plan a long trip to my village. I was very much excited about that. It feels so good to see the world from moving glass sitting in the car with E-book! With the most handsome man beside me!!

We had reached our lovely destination smoothly and my mum was on the gateway to welcome me and my daughter.

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Happy Summer.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on March 1 announced that Hotter summers are likely along some of these following states:

Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, West Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Vidarbha in Maharashtra, parts of Gangetic West Bengal, Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The scorching sun has the potential to drain us out completely. By ignoring this, we are putting our bodies at higher risk.Hence, it is important that we should take extra care during the hot season.

Here i have listed a few cooling foods that you should definitely add to your diet to fight against the hot climate effects.

  • Watermelon (it adds a wonderful cooling effect to our body and contains 92 per cent of water which full fills your body’s water requirement)
  • Cucumber (Loaded with fibre, eating cucumber in summer helps in keeping constipation)
  • Coconut water(this not expensive drink available at every fruit shop is loaded with essential vitamins.Studies also show that drinking coconut water regularly also protect against cancer)
  • Mint (Adding mint in curd, chaach or in raita could give you added benefits. You can also prepare mint chutney, which is a common thing prepared in almost all Indian houses. Mint not only keeps your body temperature cool but also gives you a refreshing effect)
  • fresh green leafy vegetables (adding them to your daily diet is also beneficial as green leafy vegetables contain high amount of water content)

I hope you all love summer. Happy summer everyone.

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To my love…

You aren’t here to comfort me, But soon I hope you will be.

Even if the oceans divide us apart, You will be always in my heart.

my love remains to see your smiling face, Soon we complete this difficult phase.

We are like the sun and the moon, Far in every way, but I wish to see you soon.

Oh! dearest husband, she is good and fit, We love you more for what you did…

I have written this blog while I was missing my dear husband my love and above all to thank him for all the ways he showed his love for me. These were my several unspoken feelings which were in the heart they came by words like this. Hope you will meet me soon. We are apart for a reason but soon we will meet. Love you, dear.

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Six words story#1

“That unlucrative but endlessly alluring theme”

It’s all about supernatural powers. It’s too scary but all time much fascinating theme to talk about. I still tingle with mortification over an experience last evening, the only satisfaction being that others tingle with me too.

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Managing children’s behaviour.

“You can’t teach children to behave better by making them feel worse. When children realize better, they behave better.”

—pam Leo

It’s a relevant and most important question in today’s world is whether disciplining and managing children’s behaviour is a form of control? Yes it is..but, it should be the right form of control which is used correctly.

Adults shouldn’t have an issue with implementation of discipline and control when dealing with children’s behaviour, but so many people these days seems to have trouble with the concept.

Small children used to be physically attached to adults with reins..we rarely see them today…why is it so shocking to show that you have control? Are we willing to put children into danger rather than control of their behaviour and do so until they are emotionally mature enough to be increasingly independent?

People often says that children have changed. No children haven’t changed-but what has changed is adults attitude towards children.

Part of children growing up is to learn how their world works and this enables them to develop emotionally and socially.

Until they(children) learn(are trained) in these important lessons they aren’t able to mature and function independently in society.

Until the child has learned self control,it has to be controlled. That’s it. But we the parents,guardians should know how to control and manage children’s behaviour.

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