And what we imagine is different to our destiny..

It was somewhere 4years since I was slightly shy and bright, sometimes hasty and at times idealistic. I was in the final year of my bachelor’s course in microbiology. Life was full of fun and friendship. I did not know what hardship and courage meant.

It was probably mid of my final year, I and my friend Sana was much enjoying our own company, those libraries and combined studies made our bond much better. We shared each secret. Sana was the very encouraging and interesting girl I ever met in my life. But nothing stays forever it has to change over time.

I was looking forward to completing my bachelor’s degree and further masters in microbiology, everything was clear and possible to me. But, as time passed something begins to convince me that made my further plans impossible and after completing my bachelor’s degree I got an opportunity to teach secondary school students.

However I was not keen on taking up the job, I saw it as a challenge. I had done extremely well in academics but was a little bit shy and had a fear of speaking in front of a crowd. Little did I know then in real life academic excellence is not sufficient to be successful.

I shared this with my mum( my inspiration) she was very much confident that I can handle the whole class and can make a good influence on the students out there. I agreed to attend the interview.

The Interview..

As directed, I went to the office and there were three lady academics on the board and I realised then that this was a serious duty. I knew for sure I would not get the job, so I was rather cool while the interview was being accomplished.

The board asked me some questions and I answered all of them. They asked me to wait for a while and I was told I had been successful. I was just wondering how this happened. So this was what the future had in store for me.

I was very happy with my job and got to know many things which are needed in a happy lifestyle and also I was losing all those connections which I made in my college years.

It was very tough not to think about what I had left behind. However, we all must understand that everything is written and it’s going to happen, it’s all our destiny.

And a whole year passed away with those students and then the time came to leave them, I never thought to leave them but as I was getting married and should leave my livelihood, this was again the part of Destiny. I came far around 150mile away from my home town and could never engage any institute.

And now I am happily married with a beautiful daughter, Ummm it’s just a bit quick for a while to have a family but it’s all my Destiny. I’m happy that I’ve got the opportunity for working a whole year with those smartphones.

This all enlightened me that everything happens for a reason and it’s all written.

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Weird but true#4

pregnancy is an extraordinary and sensational occasion, marked with physical as well as mental and emotional changes.

You’ll gain remarkable insight into some interesting facts and statistics of fertility, pregnancy and birthing.

let’s look at a very amazing fact which is hardly known

In utero, baby girls develop all of the reproductive eggs they will ever use. Baby boys don’t develop sperm until puberty.

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Mom and her daughter (poetry)

A girl and her mother on a road trip

There is a beautiful fellowship

Mother and daughter and the open sky

And the black clouds drifting by

And the mother preparing the youngster gay

How to fight the real sadness from the way

I hear them talking there

It’s a shaggy road but the speech was fair

And the girl is learning kinds of situation

Which comes in real life as a competition

From the beginning to the end of traditional myths

So that she is fit for future fights..

Girl and her mother on a road trip

Under the sky with heavy clouds drift

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Rain rain go away

View from our car somewhere at the beginning of the highway

I’m going to tell you about a crazy thing that occurred to me and my partner.

Yesterday afternoon, My husband took me out to a lanky highway after a very long time, we were somewhere far in the suburbs and I have to say that the feeling was extremely beautiful from the moving window, I can see the greenery everywhere, there was also slight cascades streaming beside the road. we stopped at a point where we were supposed to take a break and enjoy the meal. we both settled and had a hot coffee.

Unexpectedly it started raining and gradually the raindrops got denser and it was heavily striking and made a loud noise on the shed and suddenly there was a power cut and we both decided to sit in the car and move. It was around 4:30 pm but looked like it was already sundown and we decided to move slowly, the view turned into a horrible and dangerous one from the window, no vehicles can be detected but the lights from the glass. It was a goose bumping time for me.

My husband was enjoying the ride but I was much scared because we were carrying our 19months, old daughter. I’m not sure exactly what happened next or how much time passed, but at some point, when I looked At the window the sky got clear and the rain stopped at the end.


Things you ought to know about sheep.

1- sheep can be very companionable and amazingly emotional.

2- sheep can be highly intelligent.

3- sheep can stand a very cold climate better than cows, pigs or hens.

4- some sheep have good power of concentration and can watch television.

5- sheep seem to prefer running water to still water to drink.

6- Sheep play almost continually when they are young.

7- sheep have a very long memory.

8- sheep-like fresh air and wind.

I hope it alters the way one looks at the world, with dumb animals not as dumb as we would sometimes like to think.

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The sleep of 3years… Weird facts#4

Snails, they’ve always been boring, TRUE? They’re lazy, gooey, and seem completely lost, but what you don’t know, is that these small gastropods have extraordinary sleeping habits.

When the weather is extremely hot or cold, snails can stay inside their shell for long periods. In some extreme cases, where there are long periods of extreme weather, snails will sleep for 3 years, although it is not very common. If you put it into perspective, a snail could spend one-third of its life sleeping.

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The lost feline…

A few days back I found a kitty on the ground unfit to move. The dogs had eaten two of her siblings and had injured her leg harshly. She was given medical attention and her leg was bandaged. For 2 days she ate nothing, however tempting, just taking frequent, small sips of milk. During the third day as she was feeling fine, our two hens exhibited such genuine loving behaviour that we found ourselves marvelling.

They became her devoted bodyguards. When food was offered they would stand by and watch until she had eaten all she wanted and only then would they eat themselves.

The love and kindness of those creatures made us think like are we the same species, we are hurting each other for some intention but noticing that speechless animals made us feel surprised.

And the day came for the bandage to be removed we had quite a shock, she was seemed greatly relieved. The sterile environment inside the bandage had allowed her stump to heal perfectly and soon as she was replaced in her daybed she promptly walked off.

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The reward at last…

This farmers ancestors with little blest, 
Have patient on what you have the best:
Prepare yourself for the final board
With feasts, parties and a thankful note
Celebrate the harvesting of grain with a singing song,
They stood together and took pleasure all day long.
The joy their spouses, their sons, and helpers share,
Lessen of their struggle and partners of their care:
The smile, the fun, and the luscious bowl,
Made everyone stoic and opened every soul:
To hate delights it twirls into affection bound,
They learned to please, not to wound:

All copyright reserved
©️ ~tubasarwat

I devote this poetry to all the hard-working farmers all over the world 🌍

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