Story of phantom… part-2

We started to load to get relief from the ghost, as it was early spring there was no ghost or anything so we started to move. I went in and got my sweater. Jerking a little, I put it over my shoulder, covering up my ears. There was a full moon, and it looked moreover spooky to see.

Uncle was coming to pick us. I saw my uncle’s car coming into the compound. I learned over from the window, thinking to wave if he looked up, let him know We had not slept the whole last night.

When he looked up he screamed. I’m telling you, he screamed so loudly I almost fell swoon, It was a shadowy figure, right at his peripheral illusion, this feeling of dread and uneasiness washed over My uncle’s face. It took some moment to come for an uncle as he sat inside the car and locked all doors.

And so, a few hours later after several disasters, we began moving to a new house, we were at last thanking god that we are free from such disturbance.

Everyone squeezed into the Uncles car, we were barely out of the gate, we heard a spooky sound, as somebody was talking to himself and laughing from the ceiling of the car.

Uncle stopped the car, got out and took a look at the roof.

‘Nothing up there,’ he said, getting in again and turning on the engine. Thereupon some way up the road, the chuckling began again, followed by a spooky little voice. We all heard it. It was the ghost talking to itself.

‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ it squawked gleefully.

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