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Giving birth was the toughest thing of my life. I was so scared during birth. All I could do was pray to almighty that everything would go well. During the C-section I felt helpless, knowing that I had no regime and that everything was depending on the doctors and the almighty.

The moment that celebrated my motherhood experience was when doctors put the baby on my chest. I felt the strongest bond in those couple of seconds. I felt the blood rushing through my veins directly into my heart and I knew now in that one moment, I was going to live for two.

The actual birth experience was extremely hard. I was in labor for 19 hours and still wasn’t able to give birth. I was losing my strength and some difficulties were coming up when the doctors finally decided to do a C-section.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge 267, where today she gave us the phrase “in that one moment.”


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